How I Got Here...

My entire life has been a struggle of finding the right career path.  I went to college and received my bachelor's degree in Psychology and I tried to pursue counseling, but I just didn't like it.  Then, I decided to get a teaching credential, which is the closest I've ever been to that feeling of "YES!  This is it, I've found my calling."  BUT, it still just wasn't quite right.  I've had 16 jobs throughout my working life... I know, it's a lot.  My issue has always been my need to continue learning, my need to be challenged, and my need to be creative... And, so far, I hadn't found a job that could fulfill those needs.

Fast forward to 2020, to my wedding day!  My husband gifted me a new DSLR camera and I definitely shed a tear.  He had been paying close attention to my ongoing ramblings of desperately needing a hobby and how I wished I had kept up with photography back in community college.  After that day, I hit the ground running.  I learned everything I could about my camera, started attending shoots, offering free shoots, and meeting other photographers.  I have never been so driven or felt so passionate about any other job.

Fun Facts!

  •  I have 17 tattoos and counting.
  •  My favorite band is A Day to Remember.
  •  My favorite place to photograph couples is in the forest.  I love trees!
  • My husband, Ivan, and I were married on day of the dead and had a spooky themed wedding.
  • Ivan and I met while working at Disneyland.
  • To say that I am obsessed with dogs is an understatement.  I will stop to pet a dog if I can or at least wave to it.
  • We have two fur babies, Kairi and Persephone.  Kairi is a shina inu/husky mix and Percy is a belgian malinois/german shepard mix.

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